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Etiquette provides you with THE bathroom hygiene solution. Fanny Clean toilet paper moistener creates your personal flushable wipes. Use moistened toilet paper for a truly flushable, biodegradable wipe that will not clog pipes...pretty cool, right?

etiquette fanny clean toilet paper moistener

Fanny clean toilet paper moistener can be conveniently placed near your toilet paper providing you with the best adult personal flushable wipes on the planet.  After all, you have much more important things on your mind when nature calls than wondering whether or not all is clean down there. No more wiping and wondering, if you know what we mean... and we think you do.

Forgive us if we sound too grandiose, but we believe Etiquette's Fanny Clean toilet paper moistener is the next big thing in human hygiene.  It replaces the use of common adult wet wipes that clog pipes, damage the environment and wastewater treatment plants.

Apply moisture with an organic-based cleansing solution to regular dry toilet paper and you have personal flushable wipes for best hygiene and also experience better skin care down there.

It’s a fast and easy way for women and men to keep clean and refreshed. Not to mention the feeling of confidence and sex-appeal from knowing you are "polite."  

Adult pre-packaged wipes make the claim that they dissolve in water.  This is far from the truth.  In fact, many clog pipes, costing big bucks. 

The answer to this problem is our bathroom hygiene solution *Fanny Clean* that allows you to apply the desired amount of moisture to your bottom, keeping you clean and confident.

Fanny Clean toilet paper moistener for personal flushable wipes

As if sex-appeal and take-on-the-world confidence are not reason enough, more and more adults are now using wet wipes for better bathroom hygiene when “nature calls.” 

After years of changing diapers, adults have started to ask the question, “Why is my kid’s butt cleaner than mine?” 

Adults are starting to realize that an “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” approach to bathroom hygiene just doesn’t cut it.  It’s time for a change.  

Women, you know you tend to be more highly aware of your personal cleanliness, but more and more men are beginning to see the light and raise their game.  Let’s face it gentlemen, the Neanderthal approach of using dry toilet paper is not that far off from using leaves. 

Guys, the cavemen days are over.  Are you ready to evolve and clean with moisture?  We’d like to think so. No more leaves!

An endless supply of Etiquette Fanny Clean Refills

If you have ever experienced running out of toilet paper at the most inopportune time, you know it is definitely NOT sexy.

Actually, many of our customers are so polite they keep a backup bottle of Fanny Clean toilet paper moistener on hand just in case.

Also, before you run out of Etiquette's Fanny Clean, you can get our larger Refill Bottle sent directly to you; it saves money, too.

When you are ready for refills, just go to to place your order. It will be delivered promptly thereby avoiding any intervals of "rude behavior."

Plumbing is a big problem with regular old-fashion wet wipes

The growing popularity of "baby-wipes for adults" has created a problem many people are not aware of.  

We applaud the growing numbers of adults using some form of wet or moist wipe, but this has caused plumbing problems for many people.

Not only does the use of Fanny Clean allow you to use a biodegradable personal flushable wipe for best hygiene and ecological practices, it also does not risk clogging your plumbing.  

When deciding on the best personal wet wipes for you to keep your bottom clean and fresh after mother nature calls, you need to consider what happens to that adult wet wipe after its done its duty and you say sayonara sending it off on its watery adventure into the vast public sewer system or your home’s septic tank.

You should be concerned about what happens to that old-fashioned wet wipe once you flush it down the toilet and send it on it on its merry way as this one-minute video shows:


Everybody knows toilet paper does not clog up plumbing like many of the cloth fiber bathroom wipes that come in those plastic containers you have to fumble with and often come out either too wet or too dry.  Clogging up your bathroom plumbing is definitely NOT sexy. 

The simple use of properly moistened toilet paper with our Fanny Clean toilet paper moistener for personal flushable wipes means no clogged plumbing and ugly bulky wet wipe containers in the bathroom that you know you try to hide. 

Beside the exhilarating burst of added sex-appeal from knowing all is clean, using Etiquette's Fanny Clean bathroom hygiene solution gives you an easy to use, environmentally friendly and plumbing safe alternative to so-called "flushable" wipes.

You now have the option of using both dry and wet toilet paper "wipes" in whatever amount and manner you please without a care in the world about sending them swirling around the toilet bowl on their way to peaceful disintegration. 

The problem with wet wipes clogging plumbing is bigger than people realize

You would be surprised how big the problems can get once wet wipes are flushed away. The problem develops because many of these personal wet wipes simply do not break down like their manufacturers claim they do.

A sheet of toilet paper starts to break down and fall apart when exposed to swirling water, however so-called "flushable wipes" take a long time to disintegrate and many wipes simply do not break apart at all.

Consumer Reports tested toilet paper and wet wipes. Their advice, "Bag and toss wipes into the trash when you're done rather than risk taxing your toilet or septic system."

The plain and simple fact is, whether they claim to be flushable or not, adult wet wipes can create a plumbing problem you do not want to be a part of.

There is a simple reason for this. Regular wet wipes have to be tough enough to hold up to constant exposure to the watery solution they are soaked in before you pull them out of the plastic container. They then have to not fall apart and disintegrate as you use them.

As a matter of fact, adult butt wipes are wreaking havoc on plumbing and sewage systems in much of the developed world.
This is an especially big problem in many parts of the United States where aging plumbing pipes that are made out of cast-iron have developed a rough interior surface. Many tiny barbs have formed on the inside of these bathroom sewage pipes that are just perfect for snagging bathroom wet wipes that are flushed down the toilet. 

One butt wipe snags, then more come along and start piling on. The whole process starts to snowball until the pipe is clogged with a mass of butt wipes and you have a major pain in the butt…no thanks.

This two-minute news report tells it like it is...


In addition to creating downright sexy human beings, Etiquette's Fanny Clean toilet paper moistener solves this costly problem with a personal flushable wipes product that degrades quickly.  

Toilet paper holds up to Etiquette's effective organic based bathroom hygiene solution and it falls apart over a period of time in water, so you do not have to worry about plumbing blockages and other problems along with costing you boo-coo bucks to have the problems fixed.

Just Use Fanny Clean…Being sexy does not have to be expensive. :-)

And for a more grotesque example of how bad things can get…
The British recently had to deal with a mass of cooking grease and wet wipes that a mass of bathroom wet wipes that clogged a London sewer system.
They called this ugly mass of fat and wipes a “fatberg.” It was the size of one of the double-decker buses the British are known for. It was discovered underneath the streets of west London, and workers were forced to spend days tackling the disgusting mess to clear the system.

The congealed mass of fat, wet wipes and other stuff, wrongly put down drains and flushed down toilets, was detected under a 260 ft stretch of a road in an area of west London. A team of sewer experts spent four days breaking it down.

Millions of dollars are spent annually on sewer blockages caused primarily from people putting cooking fats down the kitchen drain and wet wipes down the toilet, or as the Brits say, the "loo."

And get this, despite the large size of the west London fatberg, there was an even larger, 15-ton fatberg previously removed from a sewer in southwest London. This blockage was so critical at one point it threatened to blast the covers off manholes and spew raw sewage!
Etiquette's Fanny Clean personal flushable wipes toilet paper moistener hygiene and skin care solution has been formulated with you in mind.
You should feel comfortable and rest assured knowing it has undergone careful safety analysis and has been naturally formulated with safety and efficacy in mind.

Simply wipe, flush, and flaunt. 
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