Proper Bum Wiping Technique | Flushable wipe March 18, 2015 18:58

Here at Etiquette, we are quite the experts when it comes to the best toilet hygiene. We know the proper bum wiping technique for keeping clean after going to the bathroom to go number two, so we often get emails asking us, “What is the best way to wipe one's bum?”

Some people also use other terms such as backside, rear end, derriere, etc. Impolite visitors to the site even use words we would rather not repeat.

In the old days, wiping with plain old dry toilet paper was sufficient because it was such an advance from using leaves and corn cobs after a trip to the outhouse. Nowadays, we are more advanced. Just as corn cobs now seem crazy, many are seeing the light and realizing that, after all, dry toilet paper is really not that much different than using leaves.

Modern people now realize that dry is dead and more and more people are using some moisture when wiping their derriere. Actually, this practice is not all that new, bidets have been in use for years primarily in Europe, but Americans never really took to spraying water on their butts. We would generally have to agree. 

Although bidets have not caught on in America, we believe most people realize that dry wiping after a bowel movement is clearly not the most hygienic. Think about it, if you got crap on your hand, would you simply wipe it off with a paper towel or piece of toilet paper, or would you wash your hand? If you answered, “Just wipe it off,” you are definitely not a sexy.

In addition to using at least some moisture from the unique little Etiquette dispenser that is placed conveniently near your toilet paper roll, there are other considerations for good and proper hygiene and for preventing possible infection. Read on and see what they are.

The anal area is sensitive and must be treated with care

That is why Etiquette’s bathroom hygiene solution is natural organic-based and has been formulated for safety with your health in mind.


Good bum wiping techniques are:

  • Wipe from front to back. Wiping from back to front could spread bacteria germs to the genital area. If this happens, it could be a real problem for women because it can cause urinary tract infections.
  • Wipe thoroughly, but gently. You do not want to irritate the skin in the anal area because this could cause skin damage and inflammation. Using Etiquette’s hygiene solution allows you to get a clean wipe without applying a lot of pressure.
  • You do not need to over-moisten toilet paper to get a good clean bum wipe. Just 2-3 pumps from the Etiquette wet wipe dispenser is enough to get the job done. 
  • Do not go overboard and use soap as this can be irritating if not flushed off your anal skin well, and pronto. If you use some soap in the anal area, use a small amount of mild soap and only do so in the shower where you can rinse it off well. If you leave soap residue, it may dry out and cause irritation.

So, use a moist toilet paper wipe with the Etiquette dispenser along with proper bum wiping technique after a trip to the bathroom for number two...then confidently and bodaciously go out and take on the world...polite is sexy.