Should You Use Baby Wipes for Adults, Seriously? March 14, 2015 13:01

Fanny Clean provides the best flushable wipes. You're an adult, use moistened toilet paper wipes. If you must, consider it baby wipes for adults.

We believe the increasing popularity of baby wipes for adults is a sign of progress. People have evolved and progressed from leaves and corn cobs to actually wiping their bottoms clean with soft tissue paper with effectively applied moisture. Some may be thinking, “Bidets have been around for a long time."  But bidets are a bathroom fountain; where does all the water end up after one has sprayed down one's backside? Not to sound gross, but some must get on the inner thighs, and what about splashing of water in the bowl? Some of this must reach the floor and any adjacent wall(s), right?

The use of a flushable moist toilet paper wipe to make sure your fanny is clean is the more "civilized" thing to do - polite, civilized people are sexy :-)

"Baby Wipes" Are Not Just for Babies

Many people are familiar with the use of baby wipes, but why do babies deserve to be clean and tidy while their parents walk around like dirty old slobs? More and more adults are wising up and taking to the idea of applying baby wipes for adults as moist toilet paper to their butts after a trip to the loo to go number two. You should, too.

There’s no need to be embarrassed by this activity. Conventional bathroom butt wipes are causing environmental problems around the world because they do not break apart after being flushed. Use Fanny Clean and become a modern, eco-friendly member of polite society, embrace this new found reality and experience the sex-appeal of a clean backside.

flushable baby wipes for adults

Yeah, maybe you’re the only one who will know, but it will show.  A clean down under promotes a visible comfortable-in-your-own skin confidence that shows like a new haircut.

Nevertheless, some ignorant, less-evolved neanderthal types still believe that baby wipes for adults for a clean backside are silly, and believe they should only be used for babies who have yet to be toilet trained.  Like somehow once you age beyond the toilet training years, you no longer deserve to be clean. Uh…?

Or they wipe themselves raw with dry toilet paper striving for the degree of sexy-clean they know they deserve. Stop wiping yourself raw to get the clean you know you deserve. There's a better way.

flushable best baby wipes for adults

Baby Wipes Are Used by Adults

One advocate of the dry-toilet-paper-only approach to bathroom etiquette claims, “Once you've learned how to poop, and to conduct your affairs in a relatively sanitary manner, you use toilet paper. Like an adult.”

We believe once you have evolved to the level of a modern day human, “relatively sanitary” is not sufficient. We wonder if he’s satisfied with “relatively low amounts of pit stains", or how about “relatively low B.O.”?

That being said, adults are accustomed to using toilet paper, so why not use moistened toilet paper? Check out Etiquette's effective toilet paper moistener, Fanny Clean. It's the best approach to bathroom hygiene, combining the initial conventional wipe with the sexy final clean of a moist toilet paper towelette. Go ahead and order some now. Be polite…it’s sexy.

Modern day proper etiquette requires that you use baby wipes for adults - use a moist wipe with toilet paper on your butt.

Look at it this way,  if you had you-know-what on your hands, would you merely wipe it off with a dry towel and go about your day? Why is your bum any different? 

Order Fanny Clean, the best solution to adult anal hygiene since the modern bathroom. 

Go ahead and order some now. Be polite…it’s sexy :-)  CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW.

best flushable baby wipes for adults