5 Proven Effective Ways To Care for Your Hair April 13, 2015 22:06

Your hair should not look like you just got out of bed, a.k.a "bed head." Personal care & grooming for hair means that it should be clean, neat, and styled. Maintaining healthy, beautiful hair requires a good hair care routine - Your scalp particularly needs gentle care.



Here are five simple steps to achieve shiny, strong and luxurious hair even as you age: 

1.  Use gentle hair care products. Washing and styling hair using harsh products causes damage and hair breakage, not to mention hair loss! Frequent bleaching and permanents, for instance, can cause hair to look brittle, frizzy and lackluster. Use mild shampoo and conditioner that won’t harm your scalp. Rinse your hair thoroughly after every shampoo so that no traces of shampoo remain on the scalp. Otherwise, you will form dandruff! Some people use the term “grow dandruff, but dandruff doesn't "grow." Dandruff is actually the shedding of dead skin from the scalp.


2.  Everything should be at the right temperature. Washing hair at a slightly high temperature is harsh to the scalp. Make sure that every time you wash your hair, the water is at the right temperature. 


3.  Massage your scalp regularly. If you think massage is only for the body, think again! Massaging your scalp is extremely beneficial to your hair. Massaging scalp when you wash your hair for about 2 to 3 minutes will help stimulate blood circulation.


4.  Let your hair breathe. Pulling hair tightly for hours on end doesn’t do your hair any good. Put your hair down for a while then pull it back alternately. This process leaves hair some space to breathe. Avoid wearing caps, hats or helmet for long periods of time.


5.  Avoid excessive stress. Your hair is an important part of your body. What is essential to your body is also essential to your hair. Regular exercise, proper diet and enough sleep help eliminate stress and anxiety. Maintain a healthy lifestyle so your hair, as well as everything about you, will look beautiful and radiant.