Bathroom Habits and Proper Bathroom Etiquette November 21, 2015 18:27

Do you have any peculiar bathroom habits that may push the boundaries of proper bathroom etiquette and best hygiene practices?

gross disgusting american bathroom habits survey

Well, you may not, but if you don't think that is true for all, you are in for a surprise. Some people's  bathroom personal care habits can be rather disgusting; they do not even approach some semblence of proper bathroom etiquette.

Do you pee in the shower? In a survey, 61 percent admitted they pee in the shower, and 41 percent admitted to letting the old "warm yellow liquid" flow freely in swimming pools.

The survey was reportedly conducted for a company called Abcotech which makes waterproof speakers that can be used in the bathroom shower or at the pool and other areas where water and humidity may be a concern.

When people are in the privacy of their own bathroom, they tend to ignore proper bathroom etiquette and are more inclined to do things that may bring a bit of embarrassment or shame if done openly.

This is one of the reasons why wet wipes - that were not meant to be flushed down the toilet - have caused so many problems with plumbing and the environment. Proper bathroom etiquette does not include flushing wipes, nevertheless many people flush these products when no one is looking. It is simply the more convenient, and many would say, a less gross way of dealing with a dirty wet wipe.

For many people the bathroom is their place of peace and quiet. A place where they can go to be alone and no one will question whether they are using proper bathroom etiquette.

Other responses from the proper bathroom etiquette survey include:

  • 50 percent said they fold their toilet paper before wiping themselves while 30 percent just ball it up into a wad.
  • 60 percent wipe front to back while 20 percent go against the grain and do it back to front (back to front is not good, especially for females - do NOT do that).
  • 60 percent believe a toilet paper roll should go over the top and 13 percent prefer it rolling under and around the back (of course, over the top is the appropriate way).
  • 43 percent admit to checking the contents of the bowl before flushing. This is not necessarily a gross thing to do. One can get some gauge of their health based on the nature of their feces. (We know that sounds gross, but it is medically true).
  • 37 percent look at their toilet paper after wiping...C'mon, it is higher than that, agree?

How about public toilets?  Here is what the survey said about American proper bathroom etiquette in public bathrooms:

  • 45 percent of people said they cover the toilet seat with paper before being seated.
  • 36 percent use their foot to flush instead of their hands...oh yeah, count us in on that one when caught in a really nasty bathroom. Of course, you need to be sufficiently balanced with good foot-eye coordination, or you end up on the floor and that is 100x grosser than flushing with your hand. Of course, you could always grab a little T.P. and use it as a barrier when using your fingers to flush.
  • 35 percent refuse to actually sit on public toilets and just squat over the seat. Here again, strong legs are required, or you may end up collapsing into the bowl...I'm grossing out right now.

Regardless of what habits are used, the one habit that is best employed for proper bathroom etiquette when all is said and done, is the one of finishing off one's cleaning with a bit of Fanny Clean for that final flushable wet or moist wipe, so you know all is well down there after leaving the bathroom to confidently take on the outside world.

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