Wet wipes for adults | problems for homes, sewer systems, & environment November 16, 2015 21:31

Although bathroom personal care "wet wipes for adults" have grown in popularity, they are certainly not without their problems. If more people realized the types of problems caused by baby wipes now used by many adults to clean up after going to the bathroom, they would rethink their hygiene habits and use better bathroom Etiquette (ha, ha...pun intended).

bathroom etiquette

No matter what you call them - whether it be wet wipe, sanitary wipe, moist wipe, moist tissue or pre-moistened towelettes - these products have become very popular with adults as an alternative to just using dry toilet paper.

Unfortunately, what people do not know, is that many of these products are not meant to be flushed down the toilet because they do not break down and dissolve after they are out of sight. This is the main reason for problems caused by wet wipes.

This is the case even for some wet wipe personal care products that are marketed as "flushable." In light of this, there has been significant legal action by many citizens and municipalities because of the problems caused by wet wipes that do not break apart after being flushed. We wrote about some of this litigation here.

In addition to the problems with people's household plumbing, wet wipes have presented many challenges to sewage treatment plants, not to mention the environment.

In some parts of the world wet wipes are actually washing up on beaches.

The wet wipes for adults market is a multi-billion dollar industry and growing.

There's a reason why wet wipe makers are experiencing growing sales despite the problems caused by wet wipes , people want to practice the best hygiene and understand the health benefits of good personal care. Those who use Etiquette's Fanny Clean also understand that "Polite is Sexy." :-)

This is not surprising since it's hard to get completely clean with dry toilet paper alone. In addition, several members of the entertainment industry have promoted the use of wet wipes for adults. Howard Stern is one of them . We agree with Howard, dry toilet paper just doesn't get the job done.

Problems caused by wet wipes for adults include plumbing, septic and sewer treatment plant clogs

Wet wipes for adults can get caught inside pipes, especially those with even minor plumbing imperfections. These imperfections can develop on the inside surface of older plumbing in particular. Many cities and towns in the United States still have old iron pipes in parts of their sewer infrastructure.

As they age, many pipes can get little barbs on them that will snag wipes as they try to pass by. Older homes can also have tree roots that have breached their pipes going to the street or septic system. Once caught-up, wet wipes for adults can start to "snow ball" and even clump together with other material that is sent down the pipes creating a wad of gunky wipe material. We have posted about the problems caused by wet wipes with the so-called "fatbergs" that were found beneath the streets of London.

Even if wet wipes used by adults make it down the toilet and out through your personal plumbing to the street, they still have a way to go before they get to your town's sewage treatment plant.

And that is where even more expensive plumbing problems can occur, not to mention the man hours that often need to be employed in order to clean the screens and filters. We hate to say it, but much of this cleaning needs to be done by hand. You can see mor about all the problems caused by wet wipes at the Etiquette Google + Page.

wet wipes being removed from sewer teatment screensAs you might imagine, New York City has its hands full of problems caused by wet wipes (ha, ha...pun intended). The New York City Deptartment of Environmental Protection has spent millions of dollars over the last five years paying workers to remove wet wipes used by adults by hand. And many other sewer and water treatment facilties are spending millions of dollars replacing pumps, grinders, screens and other equipment that was never designed to handle items like many wet wipes that don't break apart after being flushed.

Guess who pays for this...yup, taxpayers, and that is why this issue has gained the attention of the courts and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In November 2015, the FTC handed down an order requiring a wet wipe manufacturer to substantiate “flushability” advertising claims.

Many people understand the problems caused by wet wipes, but also appreciate the benefit of good hygiene, so they advocate throwing wipes away in a waste basket near the toilet...Say what!?

woman smoking on toilet

Tell me, who is really going to do this...Let's be real. This is accepted when caring for a baby, but adults are not going to have what is essentially the equivalent of a "diaper pail" in their bathroom.

When one is in the private confines of their bathroom tending to their personal business, they are going to flush away. And some will flush repeatedly trying to avoid a plumbing blockage. This uses more water, making even the environmentalists who greatly appreciate having a clean rear end, shutter.

No worries...There is an answer. Etiquette bathroom personal care products use an organic-based cleansing solution that is an effective toilet paper moistener for a truly flushable wipe. Fanny Clean contains an effective professionally formulated hygiene solution developed by a U.S.D.A. accredited lab. 

Our 2 fl. oz.bottles are small and portable. They easily fit into a handbag, purse or backpack. They are also under the limit for ailrine travel per the Transportation Security Administration.

problems caused by wet wipes

Get an Fanny Clean today and ditch those old-fashion wet wipes for adults along with the problems caused by these wipes! 

You know dry toilet paper is just not getting you the confident, sexy clean you deserve.

Use the contemporary alternative for truly flushable wet or moist wipes, get Etiquette's Fanny Clean and Wipe, Flush, Flaunt. :-)