Best RV Safe Toilet Paper & Wet Wipe February 21, 2016 13:26

Recreational Vehicle (RV) and Motor Home owners need to know, "What is the best RV safe toilet paper and truly flushable personal care "wet wipe" for good bathroom hygiene while on the road?

Most RV owners know about the need to use RV safe toilet paper (TP) that will break apart so it does not cause holding tank problems...or if you don't, you soon will :-)

In this article, we will briefly review the general consensus when it comes to the best RV safe toilet paper, and as a special bonus, we will tell you about a new product RV owners are using to bring the best personal care and cleanliness they have at home right into their motor home.

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"Official" RV toilet paper is not cheap so you really want to know if you actually need to purchase this product. Most people are able to find a brand of toilet paper that is not technically "official, " but will break down and not cause holding tank problems, however this may take some time and testing. You will be able to save time by reading this article.

Warning: A toilet paper company's definition of TP that is safe to use in an RV and YOUR definition of what toilet paper is safe for YOUR RV, may not be the same.

You may have heard, you should only use single ply RV toilet paper in an RV?

This is not necessarily the case; Some three-ply TP has been shown to break down faster than single-ply TP. There are brands of toilet paper that indicate they are safe for RV use, but are not and some brands that do not mention RV use, but work just fine.

The best way to know if your toilet paper is RV safe and will not clog up your system is to test it.

Toilet paper that is okay to use in an RV is one that:

  • breaks down quickly without requiring a lot of sloshing around
  • does not have a tendency to stick to the walls of the holding tank
  • is comfortable to use
  • is safe for septic tank systems
  • is reasonably priced

Sanidumps has a developed a simple test you can do at home to determine if the brand you want to use is RV safe toilet paper.

All you need for the recommended test to see if your toilet paper is safe for your RV is to get a jar or container with a lid, fill it with room temperature water, add 1 sheet of TP to the water, close it up and give it ONE shake; then just let it sit and watch what happens.

Let it stand on the counter for about an hour and see if the sheet of TP is breaking apart. Check the jar every 2-3 hours to see how readily the TP is breaking down; there should be significant results within 12 hours.

Extra shaking of the jar is not required or recommended, your RV is not going to have shaking and sloshing tank water unless you are traveling along a winding or bumpy road.

Companies can change manufacturing facilities so there is a chance the quality of the company's TP could change. Some brands that were originally manufactured as RV safe toilet paper could be subject to a manufacturing change and the company may no longer be making RV safe toilet paper.

Do not worry too much about this possibility, but as a general rule, if the packaging of the TP you buy changes, you should give it a quick test; or once a year just to be on the safe side.

Of course, it is water that breaks down TP - so in addition to the particular brand of TP - the amount of water you use is a factor in how well your RV safe toilet paper will break down after being flushed into the holding tank.

While you can live life on the edge and not test your particular brand of RV toilet paper, you are advised to test it. You want to find that nice combination of comfort, compatibility and cost.

VIDEO - How to Test for RV Safe Toilet Paper

What brand of toilet paper is safe for using in an RV?

After studying the information from multiple RV-related websites and online forums, we can confidently say many RV owners have had good results with Scott Toilet Paper and think it meets the criteria outlined above for good RV safe toilet paper.

Scott makes a Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper that is labeled as safe for RV, boat or septic system. Other RV owners just simply feel more comfortable using official RV Toilet Paper that is supposed to break apart more quickly,  but some brands of this toilet paper can be quite thin. The last thing you want is having your finger poke through thin toilet paper - not pleasant.

At the other end of the spectrum, some people use paper towels and place the used paper towels into a small covered waste basket stored nearby - like underneath the sink. We do not know about you, but if I am old enough to drive an RV, I am not interested in using what is essentially the adult equivalent of a diaper pail.

The popular RV owner support site Gone with the Wynn's tested several brands of toilet paper and chose Scott RV and Marine brand as the winner as well. The Wynn's have a nice review of the different toilet paper brands for use in an RV.

It appears a good rule-of-thumb for buying RV safe toilet paper is to check the label and see if the toilet paper is labeled as "Septic Safe."  This type of toilet paper is made to break down more quickly so as to not clog septic system plumbing.

Some people who want the best comforts of home - not to mention best personal care hygiene -  will try to use wet wipes that are supposed to "dissolve after flushing," however, much like the problem with so-called flushable wipes that are used at home, the so-called RV safe wet wipes tend not to break down and dissolve as advertised.

Where can you get a flushable RV wet wipe for best personal care?

RV flushable wipe

Etiquette has bathroom personal care products that allow you to enjoy the fresh, confident clean you get from a wet or moist wipe while knowing that it is truly flushable in your RV (as long as you are using one of the toilet paper brands that have been shown to be compatible with your RV as discussed above).

Etiquette manufactures a unique personal toilet paper moistener that can be discreetly placed near your RV toilet or taken with you when you leave the RV to go out-and-about.

Etiquette's "wet wipe" solution is organic-based. It has been formulated and prepared by a USDA National Organics Program accredited lab. Among its ingredients are organic aloe gel, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, a "pinch" of witch hazel and more :-)

Get an Etiquette Product today for YOUR RV and get the best personal care hygiene for YOUR BOOTY and YOUR ENVIRONMENT while out on the open road!

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