HYBA Follows FANNY CLEAN into the World of Wet Wipe Alternatives November 18, 2017 13:10

Hyba has joined Etiquette in offering modern-minded consumers a wet wipe alternative that pleasantly reminds us of Etiquette's original toilet paper moistener dispenser that was also attached to the wall adjacent to one's toilet paper roll. ;-)

hyba spritz wet wipe alternativeOf course, we favor our Fanny Clean organic-based toilet paper moistener spritz, but we applaud Quilted Northern for having the necessary forward thinking mindset to join the moist toilet paper movement as a superior way to wipe one's fanny after a trip to the bathroom. Plain ol' dry toilet paper and so-called "flushable wipes" are soooooo yesterday. 

While bathroom baby wipes have become quite common among adults over the past 20 years, most people know these wipes are not without their shortcomings.

First off, in many - if not most - cases "flushable" bathroom wipes do not break apart soon enough after being flushed down the toilet...that is, if they even break down at all. This has resulted in various environmental issues along with costly homeowner and wastewater treatment facility problems. Oh, and by the way, you do know YOU pay for the repairs of the wastewater treatment plant damage through your tax bill. :-(

These flushable wipe problems have resulted in several class-action lawsuits, and, as we write this,  a proposed law in Washington, D.C.  demands that flushable wipes sold within the city actually break apart to prevent the costs to taxpayers for managing the burden these products have placed on the city's wastewater system.  Naturally, this law is being challenged by the big wet wipe manufacturers. We'll see what happens...

etiquette fanny clean google plus pageEtiquette's Google + Page is a great resource for articles discussing these and other problems with so-called flushable wipes.

Anyhoo, back to the Hyba....it uses Quilted Northern toilet paper that has apparently been modified in some way so the toilet paper moistener solution does not cause the paper to break apart (more about that below, this may be a problem?).

The Hyba uses a touchless sprayer to dispense the toilet paper moistener solution. Here at Etiquette, we introduced our foray into this space with our toilet paper moistener dispenser in 2015.

Our dispenser was also conveniently attached to the wall in the vicinity of the toilet paper roll. Unfortunately, we had to discontinue our dispenser due to supply chain problems and other technical issues, but who knows maybe some day it may make a comeback? 

hyba toilet paper spritz flushable wipe dispenser

In our development of Etiquette's toilet paper spritz and spray dispenser product, we investigated using a touchless sprayer applicator, but ran into difficulty obtaining one that was aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for the task. Hopefully Georgia-Pacific, the company that owns the Quilted Northern brand, has figured it out; although we think the design of the device could be improved from an aesthetic perspective. What do you think?

Let us know what you believe a dispenser of this sort should look like. Who knows, maybe we'll have to create it...

We applaud Goergia-Pacific for using their "deep pockets" in their effort to change the wiping habits of Americans for the better. Toward this end, the company has recently begun running ads to entice people to use the Hyba instead of plain ol' dry toilet paper.

And, as is usually the case regarding ads that involve the wiping of one's tush, they are comical, if not downright bizarre. 

For example, the Hyba website has a video in which a hand wearing an astronaut-looking glove comes up out of a glowing toilet to show the Hyba to the man standing in his bathroom wondering what the heck is going on.

Georgia-Pacific and Quilted Northern have their work cut out for them. We understand the challenge in helping people to make a change in their bathroom habits.

It does not create "wet toilet paper"

The growing popularity of bathroom wet wipes have helped pave the way for this, but many people seem to have a pre-existing aversion to applying moisture to toilet paper.

It may be because wet toilet paper is pretty gross, but there is a difference between applying a toilet paper moistener spray or "spritz" in which you can personally control the amount of moisture being applied and actually applying running water to toilet paper creating wet toilet paper.

Actually, we believe one of the drawbacks of conventional wet wipes that clog pipes is that there is no ability to adjust the amount of wetness of the wet wipe and one is often forced to use a wipe that is just too darn wet.

Etiquette Fanny Clean Product Review Video:

Other Hyba Videos:

There is a video contrasting old-fashioned toilet paper to advanced electric razors and facial-cleansing tech, using the tagline "Spray hello to the future."

Another video shows a creepy plumber plunging a toilet while asking an embarrassed woman on a date, with the tagline "Better than wipes for your pipes."

If you are reading this, you are probably familiar with the legal and other problems the flushable wipes industry is facing.

In federal court in New York, Kimberly-Clark Corp., Procter & Gamble Co. and Costco have been wrangling with class-action plaintiffs for years over a lawsuit claiming their Cottonelle, Charmin and Kirkland flushable wipes are not really "flushable" and have clogged piped leading to costly repairs.

And, despite Hyba's good intentions, at least one flushable wipe watchdog isn't so sure it's all its cracked up to be. Rob Villee, also known as "The Lord of the Wipes" for his extensive testing of flushable wipes and industry conference appearances, is pushing back against Hyba's claims. Mr. Villee is the executive director of the Plainfield Area Regional Sewage Authority in New Jersey. He found Hyba's three-ply toilet paper doesn't break down much faster in water than the most "dispersible" wipes already on the market.

Nevertheless, here at Etiquette, we wish Georgia-Pacific's Hyba venture success. Having been pioneers of this "toilet paper moistener wall unit dispensing approach to bathroom hygiene" we hope they can overcome some of the challenges faced in educating people and helping people to understand that, as the Hyba video puts it, it's time to stop wiping "like it's 1954."

The Hyba system itself is $39.99 - you can see it here --->https://www.amazon.com/Hyba-Personal-Cleansing-System-Alternative/dp/B06XK2SBQG