HYGE Wet Wipes on a Roll? April 14, 2019 11:51

Are wet wipes on a roll going to make it?

We recently came across a product called HYGE that is apparently the "first-ever flushable wet wipes on a roll."

Unlike Etiquette's role in revolutionizing bathroom personal care with its organic-based toilet paper moistener spray, Fanny Clean 😉, HYGE claims it is the "first-ever biodegradable wet wipe on a roll."

Sorry, but we believe this new bathroom personal care wet wipe product will run into the same problem that wet wipes in plastic containers have. Namely, not being truly "flushable." Sure, it will disappear when the toilet is flushed, but it is what happens after that where the problem lies.

Also, is it a coincidence that the product is called HYGE? Conspiracy theorists point out that if the "E" in HYGE is pronounced like a "short A," it sounds eerily like HYBA which is the Quilted Northern toilet paper moistener product we wrote about here.

Or perhaps HYGE is short for the word "hygiene" when misspelled as HYGEine?

Alright, maybe it's not a conspiracy, but just sayin' 🙂

Will HYGE wet wipes on a roll really be flushable?

As with conventional wet wipes in plastic containers, the challenge faced by products such as this is that the wipe's cloth-like material has to be strong enough so it does not biodegrade and break apart in the water solution they are packaged in on store shelves while also being able to break apart after being placed in water and flushed.

HYGE claims to have "a modern design that fits seamlessly on existing toilet paper holders" and it "delivers a superior clean to its inferior toilet paper counterpart and is better for the environment."

Well, we certainly agree that a "wet" (actually moist) wipe is more hygienic than dry toilet paper, but what if some dry toilet paper is desired prior to using a wet wipe toilet paper?

Do HYGE users need to have a wet roll and a dry roll on hand? Time to call a carpenter to have a second toilet paper holder installed in the bathroom?

Many people have already discovered the improved hygiene of toilet paper spray and the use of wet wipes in general is on the rise, but not all wipes are created equal.

Many wipes marketed as flushable, simply are not. We have posted about how New York City deals with wet wipes and what happens after one flushes the toilet in New York.

Just because something can be flushed away does not mean it is flushable, right?

Flushing wipes can cause countless problems for homeowners and city sewer systems; not to mention the potential environmental issues. We have written about the problems with wet wipes.

Another potentially false claim regarding wipes is that they are "safe and natural," but some contain ingredients that can cause irritation.

Etiquette's Fanny Clean has been formulated by a lab that is USDA National Organic Program certified and special care was taken to avoid possible irritation-producing ingredients; For example, many fragrances that are added to cosmetic products can act as skin irritants.

The maker of HYGE is planning to launch wet wipes on a roll to the consumer market in late 2019.