Organic Wet Wipe Alternative in Washington D.C. | Fanny Clean February 11, 2018 11:46

Here at Etiquette we have posted about the problems wet wipes cause homeowners, wastewater treatment plants and the environment as well as what the U.S. capital city is doing about it. No worries, you can buy an organic wet wipe alternative in Washington D.C.

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Washington D.C. has instituted a new "wet wipe law" limiting the sale of bathroom wet wipes to those wipes that can pass a "flush test." The law is called the Nonwoven Disposable Products Act of 2016; it forbids wipes from being labeled as "flushable" unless there is competent and reliable scientific evidence proving the wipe will break apart after being flushed, and is therefore truly flushable, and not "flushable" simply because it goes out of sight out of mind after one flushes it away down the toilet drain. Bathroom wet wipes that do not meet this standard must be labeled, "Do Not Flush."

Some claim the definition of "competent and reliable scientific evidence" needs to be elaborated upon and clarified in order for the law to be properly followed.

Wet wipe manufacturer, Kimberly-Clarke has filed a lawsuit contending that the law is unconstitutional for a host of reasons, including its failure to set clear standards for avoiding penalties.

The lawsuit brings up other Constitutional concerns - particularly involving the Commerce Clause --, but don't worry, we will not discuss them here. 😊

You can buy a great organic wet wipe alternative in Washington DC

We just want to make Washington D.C. residents aware that you can still use good bathroom hygiene and personal care without pipe-clogging wipes with Etiquette's great organic wet wipe alternative toilet paper moistener, Fanny Clean.

Fanny Clean is an effective organic based toilet paper moistener that not only provides for moist bathroom personal care, but also for better skin care down there.

Fanny Clean comes in a convenient 2 fl. oz. spray bottle that is great at home and conveniently portable when traveling around the city.

Buy an organic wet wipe alternative in Washington D.C. and do not let the D.C. wet wipe law keep you from achieving the level of bathroom hygiene and personal care that keeps you fresh and clean!

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