Rapper Cam'ron Toilet Paper Mogul 2B | Check it July 24, 2016 10:33

cam'ron toilet paper Rapper Cam'ron is entering the toilet paper business. Just dry TP Cam'ron? You know that doesn't get the job done! Not feeling me? Read on...

Cam'ron, who has also been known as Killa Cam, was born Cameron Ezike Giles on February 4, 1976. He is an American rapper, actor and entrepreneur from Harlem, New York who is directing a portion of his creative energy into developing Cam'ron Toilet Paper.

He thinks toilet paper is a product in need of some serious improvement and believes he is the one to do it. While speaking with members of the TMZ television show, he was quoted as saying, "When it's time to take a s***, you don't want no paper cuts in your ass. It's a real problem."

Despite Cam'ron's interest in the toilet paper business, he says is not going to put his name behind his improved toilet paper products; Evidently he is concerned people will mock him. Or as he put it:  "The only reason I'mma talk about this is because you not gonna know it's coming from me. Cause if it's me, people will hate on it...I'm not gonna promote it through me. But I'm looking to make a toilet paper. Because toilet paper, it's not an option...There's an option if you wanna buy sneakers, or drive a car, or wear a hat, or whatever...You don't know no black nigga that own no toilet paper. That's why I'm not gonna advertise that I own it."

Cam'ron Toilet Paper Business Missing Something?

We are all in favor of Cam'ron's business venture. Here at Etiquete, we wholeheartedly agree with him. We wish hime well, and we hope he is successful. But he may be missing an important part of the Toilet Paper Experience?  We hope not...

By that we mean the wiping, personal hygiene and skin care part of "taking a s***" (as Cam'ron put it).

Yeah, that's right...dry toilet paper does not provide the best personal bathroom hygiene and skin care.

Users of Etiquette's effective organic-based Toilet Paper Moistener Products know what I'm talking about. Once you finish wiping your butt with toilet paper that has been moistened with Etiquette's organic-based personal hygiene and skin care solution, you wonder how you ever did it dry.

Cam'ron should think about this when he develops his toilet paper product.

Give us a shout, Cam'ron. We'll hook you up!