Should you use the Squatty Potty Bidet? July 16, 2017 11:58

Should you use the Squatty Potty Bidet or another bathroom wet wipe alternative such as so-called the "flushable" wipes that are often not so flushable despite what wet wipe marketers tell you to sell you?

First off, just say no to "wipes," we have posted extensively about the lawsuits and false-claims regarding the "flushability" of bathroom wet wipes here at the blog as well as at our Google + Page.

Nevertheless, we know readers of this post appreciate good bathroom personal care and know the use of wet wipes has become increasingly common in recent years for cleaning one's tush after using the bathroom.

This is not all that surprising, when you get your hands dirty you would not just wipe them with a dry paper towel. You would wet or at least moisten the paper towel to better wipe your hand clean, right?

What took the U.S. so long to use moisture when wiping their fannies? Kinda weird when you think about it. In addition to clogging pipes, wastewater treatment plants and wreaking havoc on the environment, wet wipes also have ingredients that are not all that favorable for your tush.

Oh, and in case you do not know, we have posted about the proper way to wipe one's bottom 😊 

Squatty Potty Bidet Wet Wipe Alternative

Some people believe using a bidet is a good "flushable" wipe alternative. While bidets have been used in Europe, for like, forever, most Americans do not find spraying their anus with water to be an appealing alternative to a bathroom wet wipe.

The Squatty Potty Bidet also uses a spray of water to clean remaining feces from your fanny.

Let me ask you a question, who wants to clean their butt like they wash their car?

And for heavens sake, do not regularly use soap and water while washing with a bidet. Soap can be harsh on the sensitive skin of your fanny.

So what is one to do? As alluded to above, the "flushable wipe" has its problems in that many of these products really are not flushable - Just because something goes down the drain when you flush, does not mean it is "flushable" since it does not break apart quickly enough after it is flushed to make it safe for sewers, septic systems, wastewater treatment facilities and the environment.

Consumer Reports performed a test on wet wipes showing how they do not break apart like toilet paper:


Fanny Clean Toilet Paper Moistener is a great alternative to bathroom wet wipes and to using the Squatty Potty Bidet. 😊

Use Fanny Clean and you can use your toilet paper like you are accustomed, and by applying an effective toilet paper moistener, you have a moist wipe for that fresh, confident clean you know and love.

Not to mention the improved "skin care down there" provided by Fanny Clean's organic-based formula.

For those of you who are not convinced, you can see the Squatty Potty Bidet. It is called "Refresh-It" and it may be purchased on Amazon.

For those of you who are ready for a personal wet wipe alternative that does not involve spraying your butt off with water, and is portable, go ahead and purchase Fanny Clean.
fanny clean better than squatty potty bidet