Squatty Potty joins Etiquette with wet wipe alternative June 24, 2018 20:24

Our customers know the best way to wipe away poo is with the Etiquette wet wipe alternative, Fanny Clean.

Fanny Clean contains organic aloe gel along with other organic ingredients, Vitamins A, C and E as well as witch hazel.

The Squatty Potty wet wipe alternative is a foam product. Our tests have not shown good results with foam as it spreads out to the side of the toilet paper when wiping-pressure is applied and, therefore, less is available where it is needed.

squatty potty etiquette wet wipe alternative fanny cleanFanny Clean, the Etiquette wet wipe alternative,  is manufactured by a USDA Certified lab in the USA.  Our formulation stays put after you apply it to your toilet paper. This not only ensures your clean and fresh after a trip to the bathroom, but it also supports good skin care down there.

Like Etiquette's Fanny Clean toilet paper moistener with organic aloe gel, the Squatty Potty wet wipe alternative toilet paper foam replaces the need for traditional wet wipes that are causing problems as many brands of so-called "flushable wipes" do not break apart after being flushed.

Readers of Etiquette's blog and our social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and Google +, know all too well about the problems with so-called flushable wipes.

Squatty Potty is not the first company to join Etiquette in the world of wet wipe alternatives. We have posted about Hyba, a product developed by Georgia-Pacific which is the company that makes Quilted Northern toilet paper.

The product is called, Hyba and is a wall dispenser that is placed in the vicinity of one's toilet paper to conveniently, single-handedly moisten toilet paper for a fresh and clean moist wipe... aaahhhh, I can feel it now 😊

Below you can see the image of Etiquette's toilet paper moistener dispenser marketed in 2015 and Hyba which went on the market in in 2017:

Etiquette wet wipe alternative Fanny Clean Hyba Squatty Potty

Unfortunately, as our blog post on Hyba explains, Etiquette had to discontinue our wall dispenser that was a convenient toilet paper moistener.  

No plumbing & environmental problems with Etiquette wet wipe alternative

Sewer authorities across the country see the results of wet wipe problems first hand and they say that many so-called flushable wipes don't break apart as advertised, and as a result wet wipes are damaging the machinery at the sewer plants and costing taxpayers bookoo bucks for the repairs.

The problem with wet wipes is not isolated to the U.S. , at the time of this writing, the UK is considering banning wet wipes. We have tweeted about the environmental effects of wet wipes on London's River Thames and on the beaches of Ireland.

We have also previously posted about the Washington DC wet wipe law that requires the proper labeling of flushable wet wipes. Etiquette has a vast amount of curated content on wet wipe problems at our Google + Page.

So, head on over to the website and pick up some Fanny Clean, You will be glad you did. And while you're there, check out Spray de Toilette, a great before-you-sit bathroom deodorizer.  Get your bathroom Survival Kit - a bottle of Fanny Clean and a bottle of Spray de Toilette.

fanny clean spray de toilette

Here's a customer review of Fanny Clean...check it out