Toilet Paper Spray on ‘Shark Tank’ | Wet Wipe Alternative February 03, 2019 20:05

So, did you see the founders of a wet wipe alternative on Shark Tank? The product is a toilet paper spray moistener in the same category as Etiquette’s Fanny Clean. It is called Pristine. 

Like Fanny Clean, the product is a toilet paper spray designed to revolutionize the way people wipe their Fannies for truly flushable bathroom hygiene.

I am sure our readers are well-aware that dry toilet paper just doesn’t get the job done. Fanny Clean is sprayed directly onto toilet paper for a more thorough butt- cleansing and don’t forget about skin care down there.

toilet paper spray shark tank

Evidently one of the owner’s of the brand , Brandon was using the old-fashioned wet wipes and began to develop skin irritation that was ostensibly from the chemicals in the wet wipes. He then began using the sink to wet toilet paper to wipe his bottom and realized there has got to be a better way…we agree.

organic aloe toilet paper spray

Despite not having a background in cosmetic hygiene, the Pristine website reads, “They created and tested hundreds of different formulas, literally mixing batches in their kitchens with hair nets, beakers, and boiling pots of water. After months of R&D and testing, they developed a spray formula that is effective enough for a grown man’s rear-end and gentle enough for a baby. Pristine is now proudly manufactured in the United States.”  

In the kitchen?...Fanny Clean was formulated by a professional cosmetic formulator with experience in skin hygiene in a lab that is USDA National Organic Program certified.

organic aloe wipe alternative

Nevertheless, we believe they are doing a good thing. Fanny Clean and other toilet paper sprays are a great alternative to conventional bathroom wet wipes which often don’t disintegrate or break apart after they are flushed. 

There are endless accounts of the havoc caused by these products. If you want to see some of them, check out Etiquette’s Google+ Page

Of course, wet wipe manufacturers argue that their wipes are being unfairly criticized, but consumers are filing multiple class-action lawsuits against them for the damage done to plumbing by their so-called ‘flushable’ wipes. 

And many cities are filing lawsuits alleging false labeling. 

The founders of the toilet paper moistener spray were asking for $50,000 to buy an automatic, no-touch sprayer to be placed on a diaper changing table to automatically spray the cleansing solution for use on babies. 

One of Etiquette’s early toilet paper moistener products to replace those nasty pipe-clogging wet wipes involved a dispenser that was meant to be attached to the wall near the toilet. All one had to do was dab the toilet paper at the top of the dispensing cap and one’s TP would become moistened. 

The product was too difficult to scale so we had to let it go. Nevertheless we are always thinking about how to bring it back better than before so people can have the convenience of a single-handed toilet paper moistener dispenser right by their toilet. 

Quilted Northern must have seen our dispenser because they came out with one after we did. We have posted about the Hyba Dispenser in the past – Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ;-)

The interest generated in toilet paper sprays by the Shark Tank episode caused a surge in sales of Fanny Clean. There was so much interest in our organic based toilet paper moistener to use as a wet wipe alternative and for skin care down there, we sold out and are busy re-stocking.

Thanks to all our great customers who know the benefit of Fanny Clean toilet paper spray.