UFC Fighter Poops During Match | Fanny Clean July 9, 2017 19:31

After UFC fighter poops during a match, Dude Wipes forgets she's not a dude.

We are sure many readers saw the article by Adam K. Raymond, June 30, 2017 entitled:

"UFC Fighter who pooped in octagon now seriously considering butt wipes sponsorship."

If you have not seen it, before we make a few comments, go ahead and read it below:

ufc fighter dude wipes

Justine Kish should have shit her pants a long time ago. 

Last weekend, the UFC strawweight went viral after she let loose on the mat during a losing match with Felice Herrig. At the time, we predicted it would be the greatest thing to ever happen to her career. Looks like we were on to something.

The latest evidence is a sponsorship offer from butt wipe manufacturer Dude Wipes.

Kish went on on iHeart radio’s “Domenick Nati Show" this week and revealed that she's gotten a ton of attention for crapping herself, including interest from some adult wipe companies. She said she's thinking about signing on endorse the product.

“I’m actually considering it because we could have some fun with it and maybe make the product less embarrassing and more funny,” Kish said. 

Dude Wipes actually sponsored fighters in the past by plastering its name on their asses. Apparently the UFC won't allow that any more, but the brand is still interested in getting involved with Kish.

“We think Justine had an awesome attitude about the situation and are discussing a fun way to work together to make light of it. Dude Wipes weren't the only ones impressed with Kish's light-hearted response to what was surely a mortifying moment. As she said this week, she got a call from Dana White after the fight.

His message? "You fought like hell out there and I love how you owned up to it," Kish told MMAWeekly.com. Not a bad pat on the back for someone who suffered a shitty loss.

Good for Justine, she's a winner as far as we're concerned. A competitive female who, we suspect, is one heck of a badass. Nevertheless, she is a woman, not a dude.

She was very good natured about the whole incident and I'm sure Dude Wipes approaching her for a sponsorship was taken in stride and in good humor, but why would she use Dude Wipes? Justine is not a dude.

Not to mention the potential pipe-clogging and environmental problems with bathroom wet wipes, including Dude Wipes.

Fanny Clean is THE 100% flushable butt wipe product for Justine, not only for great hygiene but also for better skin care "down there." 

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