Etiquette is a personal care products company with a variety of unique products.  Interestingly, it grew out of our mission to improve personal care & bathroom hygiene with an organic-based toilet paper moistener for a flushable wipe alternative.

Although we have grown to carry a number of personal care products, Etiquette's premier product is our effective organic-based toilet paper moistener that we believe is the next big thing in the evolution of bathroom hygiene & personal skin care "down there" - Fanny Clean :-) 

More and more adults are commonly using wet or moist wipes for better personal care and hygiene after a trip to the bathroom.

People are moving away from just using plain dry toilet paper to wipe their fannies and experiencing the benefits of applying a moist wipe when nature calls. This is a good thing...The problems conventional wipes cause, are not good for anybody.

Many of the increasingly popular bathroom wet wipes - or pre-moistened towelettes - are often marketed as flushable when in reality they are causing clogs and backups in homes and public sewer systems all over the United States.

Wastewater authorities say bathroom wet wipe products are not breaking down as they travel through the sewer system and they are seen clogging the system at treatment plants, people's homes and septic systems. This is costing homeowners, cities and municipalities millions of dollars to unclog pipes and pumps; along with replacing and upgrading machinery.

Using effectively moistened toilet paper is now the modern way for men and women to become fresh and clean after a trip to the bathroom.

Etiquette is a company that has created an environmentally friendly and plumbing safe alternative to so-called adult "flushable" wipes. Everybody knows there is an ecological cost to flushing baby wipes or adult wet wipes, but not with Etiquette's Fanny Clean.

And get this...

butt germs find theor way to your feet doctor anal bacteria in ulcer woundOne of the founders of Etiquette has a unique perspective on the importance of good bathroom personal care. He is a doctor who often has to take care of infected wounds of the feet. What doctors often find when they take culture swabs of these wounds are germs that are typically found in the anal area and not normally on the foot or in the environment.

Think about it, when you take a shower, and all the water is running down your body,  where does it end up? Yup, at your feet. If your bathroom hygiene is poor, it is very likely you have certain germs on your feet that have no business being there. :-(

Professionally formulated and prepared 

Our bathroom hygiene solution has been formulated and prepared by a laboratory certified as an organic manufacturer under the USDA National Organic Program, the only organic certification administered by a government agency in the USA, as well as being a certified Ecocert manufacturer.

Our toilet paper moistener products contain a natural, organic-based wipe solution that can be applied to regular toilet paper...pretty cool, right? 

Our customers absolutely love how easy, portable and convenient Etiquette products are to use.

Whether at home or on-the-go. They easily fit in a handbag, purse or backpack and are great for travel.                                   

Become a part of the revolution - Order now and place an Etiquette product in your bathroom.