Fanny Clean | Toilet Paper Moistener [Pack of Three - 2.0 oz]

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Free Shipping! - Use Etiquette's Fanny Clean effective toilet paper moistener in your very own personal 2.0 fl. oz. spray bottle for that confident take-on-the-world clean that shows.

You are Buying a Pack of Three

Each toilet paper moistener spray bottle contains 2.0 fluid ounces of our natural, organic based bathroom hygiene solution and personal skin care cleanser including organic aloe, vitamins E, A & C and more. Paraben and alcohol free. No dyes or animal testing.  

Etiquette's TP Moistener provides a great bathroom flushable wipe - a "wet wipe" or moist wipe - for that just-showered, fresh feeling so you know you are pristine clean whether at home, while traveling or just out-and-about.

Our effective toilet paper moistener replaces those old-fashion pipe & plumbing clogging wet wipes. Use it with all the common brands of folded toilet paper.

This 2.0 fl. oz. size is also great for travel and easily fits in a handbag, knapsack or purse.

Ditch those old-fashion wet wipes and conveniently get a natural, environmentally friendly organic-based bathroom wipe using something you are already familiar with (toilet paper) and that you know is flushable and biodegradeable.