Foot Care Wipes

$ 7.49

Our feet are often overlooked and taken for granted. Use Foot Care Wipes to help provide the best care for your feet so they will keep you walking, dancing and jumping for joy.
A little attention to your feet will go a long way toward keeping the skin of your feet from becoming dry, flaky and even cracked. I am sure we have all seen someone with cracked skin at their heels.
Do not turn off friends and family, use Foot Care Wipes to keep the skin of your feet and toes odor free.
Etiquette's Foot Care Wipes help exfoliate the dry, loose surface skin that bacteria and fungus thrive on.
They have a light peppermint scent that is relaxing when applied.
Diabetics also use Foot Care WIpes for best hygiene and while inspecting their feet and toes for the foot and toe problems that diabetics are vulnerable to. Regularly cleansing your feet with Etiquette's Foot Care WIpes also give you the opportunity to look over your feet while your at it...and that's a good health practice.
Etiquette's Foot Care Wipes were professionally formulated by a podiatrist working with a lab certified by the USDA National Organic Program and more.
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