Spray de Toilette | Bathroom Deodorizer & Air Freshener

$ 6.98


  • Up to 200 sprays in a 2 ounce bottle - "Put Two in the Bowl and Have No Fear!"

  • Trap odors beneath the water's surface; Specially formulated with pure essential oils and other natural ingredients; Flowery scent with lemon undertones

  • Safe for your family and the environment; Plumbing and septic safe, too

  • Made in the USA; 100% Satisfaction Gauranteed - No questions asked; After all, what questions would we ask?

Etiquette's bathroom toilet spray deodorizer blocks bathroom odor at its source. Just apply our uniquely formulated odor blocking, air freshening spray into the toilet bowl before you sit to use the toilet. Keep your personal business personal - No more fear, anxiety and embarrassment.

Simply spray into the bowl BEFORE using the toilet. Take control and get at the odor BEFORE it gathers steam. Leave your bathroom smelling like an English garden on a beautiful spring day.

Most aerosol air fresheners are ineffective and actually add to the foul odor by creating some funky chemical concoction. There's no need to try to mask bathroom odors with aerosol bathroom air fresheners with their artificial chemical smells that often contribute to the problem and spread everywhere.

Etiquette uses the finest fragrance essential oils and other natural ingredients to provide you with a subtle, but effective bathroom deodorizer experience that is not overpowering.

All Etiquette products are environmentally friendly.