Toilet Spray Bathroom Deodorizer & Toilet Paper Moistener Solution Personal Flushable Wet Wipes

$ 11.99

  • Block bathroom odor at its source; no more "awkward moments" then use an organic-based "wet wipe" for best hygiene and personal skin care "down there."

  • Spray before-you-sit, it smells like flowers not like ...something else :-) Toilet paper moistener better for the environment, too.

  • Both products Made in U.S.A. with a uniquely effective blend of natural ingredients - also plumbing, toilet and septic safe

  • A great value with money back guarantee; If you do not like this bundled product by Etiquette, we will refund you in full.

Do you want to stop potentially embarrassing odors and avoid those "awkward moments" after a trip to the bathroom?

Would you like to achieve this while using a "wet wipe" that is convenient, portable, easy-to-use and honestly flushable?

After all, it's only natural, right? Etiquette has provided this unique product bundle combining a great bathroom odor blocker and air freshener along with a portable, effective toilet paper moistener for personal use that is organic-based providing a natural, environmentally friendly wet wipe that is truly flushable and septic safe.

Do not be fooled by those aerosol air fresheners that leave a wierd smoggy-smell from trying to cover up bathroom odor with chemicals. Likewise, do not be fooled by wet wipe manufacturers that claim their products are "flushable." It is well-known that many, if not all, of these products do not break apart after being flushed; These products have lead to many plumbing and environmental problems.

The modern approach to bathroom odor and wet wipe use for best hygiene and personal skin care is HERE!

Spray Etiquette's "Spray de Toilette" into The Toilet Bowl BEFORE-YOU-SIT. It will trap and block rising odor.

It's a GREAT VALUE, too. There are up to 200 sprays in a bottle of Spray de Toilette - "Put two in the bowl and have no fear" - No fear of embarassing odor. Combine that with great bathroom hygiene and leave the bathroom with take-on-the-world confidence. :-)

Get Etiquette's environmentally friendly bathroom air freshener and wet wipe products today. You will be happy you did.

DIRECTIONS: 1. Shake bottle 2. Spray a couple times into toilet bowl before-you-sit 3. Do business... 4. Use toilet paper moistener for best hygiene & personal skin care 5. Flush 6. Flaunt.